Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Expedition/Project Name: Cycle South
Home/Base: Grand Marais, Minn.
The Team: Explorer, Educator
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09 June 2018 | Reykjavík, Iceland
And then, just like that we were on a helicopter flying out of Tasiilaq and over the ocean toward Kulusuk. Honestly, and judging from the weather report, I thought we would be stuck for several more days. But an early morning clearing provided our graceful exit. In Kulusuk, we boarded a plane in a growing [...]
08 June 2018 | Tasiliaq, Greenland
With both our flight to Iceland and our helicopter shuttle to Kulusuk cancelled, our hearts once again, sank. So close to home, and yet so far... but surprisingly not totally beaten. If we could just get to Kulusuk, we reasoned, we would at least be in position to catch the flight to Iceland if it arrived [...]
07 June 2018 | Tasiliaq, Greenland
Running out of food, running out of time and running out of snow, I looked down at my Citizen Promaster and noted that over an hour had passed and I still hadn't fallen asleep. After not getting a great night sleep the night prior, I figured I would easily doze off. While tired but not exhausted, I could [...]
04 June 2018 | Greenland
While I knew we would encounter soft snow during our Greenland traverse, I don't think I fully understood the extent... or perhaps a depth is a better word - although both apply to our situation.
02 June 2018 | Greenland
We woke up to sunny skies that lasted just long enough for us to eat breakfast and pack up our gear and tents. By the time we were skiing, we once again were ensconced in a total whiteout.
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