Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
Expedition/Project Name: Cycle South
Home/Base: Grand Marais, Minn.
The Team: Explorer, Educator
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28 November 2017
My dad, Andy Larsen, died a couple of months ago and last week we had a 'celebration' to honor his life. My mom and my sister made all the arrangements. They did an incredible job. Obviously, it was a sad day, but it was also great to see so many people who my dad touched. He was an incredible man. Complicated. [...]
27 October 2017 | Boulder, Colorado
It seemed that no matter what we did, we could only make 30 miles on the Colorado River each day. Our early flat tires in eastern Colorado and slow transition to packrafting finally caught up with us. We would ultimately need an additional day to cover the last 24 miles of our Colorado traverse.
25 October 2017 | Colorado River
Another day and another 30 miles. Not enough, unfortunately for us, to reach the Utah border today but we had anticipated this and brought an extra day's food ration with in the packrafts. More Skratch energy bars? Yes please!
25 October 2017
A new remote audio post has been added to the blog...
24 October 2017 | Colorado River
For nearly 10 years, I've driven I-70 past Rifle, Colorado and have wondered what It would be like to paddle the Colorado River that parallels the highway. Now, I know.
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